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          Pressure Spray Drying Equipment (CE Approved)



          The unit is a device that can simultaneously dry and granulate. According to the process requirements can adjust the material pump pressure, flow, the size of the nozzle, get the required size of the spherical particles.

          The working process of the unit is: the liquid material feed in through the diaphragm pump with high pressure , spray mist droplets, and then with the hot air co-current decline, most of the powder collected from the bottom of tower , the exhaust and its small powder seperated by the cyclone , the exhaust gas discharged by the exhaust fan, the powder collected by the cyclone separator in the bottom of the collection tube , fan outlet can also be equipped with secondary dust removal device, the recovery rate of 96-98% or more.

          The unit in contact with raw material made of SUS304 . There is enough insulation layer between the tower body and the shell, the filling material is ultra-fine glass wool, the tower body has observation door, sight glass, light source and control instrument, controlled and displayed by the touch screen .

          The heat source device using steam heating or electric heater, with easy operation, fast start, compact structure, hot air clean and so on. Also in the electrical control cabinet equipped with electric heater control and adjustment device, so that the inlet temperature stepless adjustment. For the power shortage area can be used steam heating or coal, fuel hot air furnace, etc., local or all instead of electric heating device. The factory can be based on the actual needs of users to provide different heating methods.


          ◆ High drying speed, the material surface area greatly increased after the atomization , in the hot air, 95-98% of the water can be evaporated rapidly ,the dry time only need ten seconds to tens of seconds, especially for drying the heat-sensitive materials .

          ◆ The product is spherical particles, uniform size, good mobility, good solubility, high purity products, good quality.

          ◆ widely usage , according to the characteristics of materials, you can use hot air drying, you can also use cold air granulation, with good adaptability of the material.

          ◆ simple and stable operation, easy to operate, easy to automate operations.


          Spray drying granulation:

          ◆ chemical: organic catalyst, resin, synthetic detergent, grease, ammonium sulfate, dye intermediates, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate and so on.

          ◆ food: amino acids and the like, seasonings, protein, starch, dairy products, coffee extract, fish meal, meat and so on.

          ◆ Pharmaceutical: proprietary Chinese medicines, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules and so on.

          ◆ Ceramics: magnesia, porcelain clay, all kinds of metal oxides, dolomite and so on.

          ◆ spray granulation: all kinds of fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, pharmaceutical, heavy metal super hard steel, fertilizer, granular washing powder, proprietary Chinese medicine and so on.

          Spray cooling granulation: amino fatty acids, paraffin, glycerol, grease and so on. Spray crystallization, spray concentration, spray reaction and other aspects are often used.

          4.Technical parameter ??

          spec unit 50 100 150 200 300 500 1000
          water evaporation capacity kg/h 50 100 150 200 300 500 1000
          overall dimension (W*H) mm 1600*8900 2000*11500 2400*13500 2800*14800 3200*15400 3800*18800 4600*22500
          high-pressure pump pressure MPa 0.5-8
          power KW 8.5 14 22 24 30 82 30
          inlet air temperature

          collection rate % >97
          electric heater KW 75 120 150 When the temperature is lower than 200, the parameters should be calculated according to the practical condition.
          electricity +steam MPa+KW 0.5+54 0.6+90 0.6+108
          hot air furnace Kcal/h 100000 150000 200000 300000 400000 500000 1200000

          Note: 1. The evaporated amount of moisture is concerned with the characteristics of material and evaporated temperature. It is calculated in the table by 150-160 of air in?
          2. Customer may choose different drying ways such as downstream, countercurrent and mixing current, powder returning, etc in order to attend the needed effect of product.
          3. The sketch of flow chart is schematic only. Customer should choose the subassembly in accordance with needs.