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          Cell phone:13601502261
          Address:Sheng'an Industry Zone ,Zhenglu Town ,Tianning District ,Changzhou City ,Jiangsu Province ,China.
          Company Profile
          Changzhou Huaxia Dry Granulation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is located in the Shen'an industrial zone of Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 22KM from Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge and 10 kilometers from Hengshan Crossing of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway. The company's actual area is 6151.1 square meters. It has a office building and a heavy production workshop covering an area of ??5000m2. Professional design and manufacture of dry powder roller granulator (dry powder extrusion granulator - dry powder directly into the granules ), large fluidized bed dryer, energy saving and environmental protection drying equipment, automatic mixing equipment packaging production line, crushing and deaaglomeration equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical equipment, food machinery and other products. The company has an independent laboratory and a team of independent innovation and research and development. The company has developed several projects in cooperation with a number of international design companies such as Bayer and UHDE (ThyssenKrupp) and has completed projects independently according to customer requirements. With design, production, factory acceptance, customs clearance, transportation, on-site instructional installation and commissioning training, and the ability to provide complete sets of Chinese and English completion documents ,the company strives to be the strongest supplier of granulators and non-standard drying engineering equipment, providing customers with the most Excellent granulation and drying equipment solutions and the most energy efficient granulation, drying and mixing systems. A large number of export products are certified by Lloyd's CE and PED. The large-scale fluidized bed drying equipment independently researched and developed by the company has a drying area of ??87m2. The other types of fluidized bed drying equipment of 10m2, 20m2, 40m2 and 60m2 have long-term stable operation in the chlorinated polyethylene industry. The company's self-developed energy-saving paddle and rake drying equipment has perfectly replaced the customer's original high-energy drying equipment in various industries, reducing operating energy consumption and reducing exhaust emissions, and the overall production cost has dropped significantly. The company's main products: non-standard dry powder roll granulator, disc granulator, screw granulator, fluidized bed granulator, rotary granulator, high-speed mixing granulator, swing granulator, Fluidized bed Granulation & coating system, large-scale fluidized bed dryer, flash dryer, spray dryer, vacuum dryer, vacuum paddle dryer, vacuum tray dryer, tray continuous dryer, airflow dryer, Spray dryer,Vacuum belt dryer , vacuum dryer, belt dryer, large continuous ebullating bed dryer, squeegee dryer, various pulverizers, hot blast stoves, tablet presses, screening equipment, various mixers, monitoring systems, electrical Automation system integration, etc. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification on June 21, 2004. All quality management work is carried out in strict accordance with the quality management system to ensure product quality. In terms of credit, the company has obtained the “Credit (Contract) AAA Enterprise” issued by Changzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the “Enterprise Credit Rating AAA” (2008-2009) issued by BOC Nanjing Branch. The company has a strong professional and technical team, a group of skilled production workers.

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