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          The granulator has the following categories:

          Roller granulator/Dry powder granulator-------------Disc Granulator------------High speed mixing granulator -------------Fluidized bed granulator ------------Wet method granulator
          1、Dry powder granulator/Dry powder granulator,The machine is a granulator that directly extrudes dry powder into granules. It does not need to add any binder during the granulation process, and the particle size is adjustable. It is the largest throughput and lowest energy consumption of all granulation machinery. A granulation equipment widely used in chemical powder, metallurgical powder, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediate powder, fertilizer, food additive, magnetic powder, battery powder and other industries. After years of energy conservation, environmental protection and automation, the company has deepened the equipment. R & D and absorption of foreign design concepts, the current development of various types of dry powder granulation equipment for different materials, we have a complete set of experimental equipment, can provide reasonable solutions according to customer requirements and material characteristics.

          造粒機 gzl-m-4



          2.Disc granulator: The disc granulator developed by our company mainly targets slow release pesticides, slow release compound fertilizers, fish medicines, magnetic powders, etc. Unlike conventional disc granulators, the disc granulator can produce The compound fertilizer with high nitrogen content has been applied in batches in Guangxi Pastoral and Henan Haonianjing. The successful development of this equipment has played an active role in promoting the production of drug-containing slow-release fertilizers for special crops. According to the requirements of crop growth, layers of pesticides and fertilizers are released on demand, which greatly reduces labor costs and promotes scientific planting.

          Slow release pesticide granulator藥肥顆粒Slow release pesticide granulator


          3。Wet Rotary Granulator: The wet rotary granulator developed by our company mainly granulates trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurate and bromochlorohydantoin in the disinfectant industry, in medicine, chemical industry, The feed and other industries also have applications. The wet rotary granulator is partially different from the conventional rotary granulator. Some improvements have been made in the feed section, and the compactness of the finished pellets has been significantly improved.



          4.Boiling Granulator/Boiling Machine: Boiling Granulator is mainly used for powder material mixing, granulation, drying, and granule "top spray" coating in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Such as tablet granules, instant beverages, granules for flavoring.


          5.High-speed mixing granulator: high-speed mixing mixgranulator is to add the main material and auxiliary materials to be granulated to the agitator in a suitable proportion and formula. The powder material and the binder are passed through the bottom mixing paddle in the cylindrical container through the high speed. After thorough mixing, it is made into a wet soft material, and then cut into uniform wet particles by a side-mounted high-speed pulverizing paddle, thereby achieving the purpose of granulation. Vacuum drying and auxiliary system equipment can also be selected to achieve one-step access to the finished product directly. The biggest feature of this mixing device is fast, uniform, and no dead angle. At present, it is widely used in applications where uniformity of uniformity is required for pharmaceuticals, electronics, batteries, magnets, etc. It is gradually replacing conventional double-spiral hybrids and snails on some production lines. With mixing and double cone mixer.

          高速Wet material mix granulator濕法制粒機高速混合造粒機濕法高速混合造粒機


          6.Screw granulator: The screw granulator is a kind of forced extrusion of powdery material through a variable pitch spiral, and the strip material is output through the punching die at the front end, and the strip material is sheared by a synchronous scraper to form an equal length. For short-particle machines, the raw material can be dry powder or wet material. The dry powder will increase in temperature during extrusion. For heat-sensitive materials, the cooling system needs to be increased. The particle size of the finished particles can be achieved by changing the pore size of the mold.

          Screw extruder

          7.Ring Molding Machine: The ring mold granulator is a machine that processes powdered feed, fertilizer, and wood chips into small cylindrical particles.

          8.Swinging granulator: The wet material is pressed back and forth between the stirring knife and the screen to increase the bulk density and agglomeration. The material passing through the mesh is granulated and dried to obtain solid dry granules.

          9。Rotary belt type condensing granulator: After the material is melted, it is titrated on the steel belt. The steel belt is transferred from the reverse side of the steel strip to reduce the temperature of the material to achieve rapid solidification.

          10.Centrifugal tower granulation: After the low-melting material is melted, it is turned from a high point by rotating the granulation head and throws a parabolic free fall along the tangential direction of the rotating disk. The tower body sprays low-temperature air from the bottom, and the material quickly encounters cold air. Cured into a spherical shape and settled to the bottom of the tower for collection. Or directly into the liquid refrigerant to quickly solidify, the material is insoluble in the refrigerant.